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The art and culture of San Rafael has received a big boost this week with a new honor. Downtown, located on Fourth Street, is one of 14 locations that have been recognized as part of California's November California Cultures, the new program celebrating art and cultures across the state.

Novato includes the cities of Novato, San Rafael, Marin County, Santa Clara County and San Mateo County in California's November California Cultures Program and includes Santa Cruz, Sonoma, Mendocino, Napa, Contra Costa and Marin counties in the Bay Area.

Major geographical features nearby include the Petaluma River, San Pablo Bay, San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Novato, a small town in the west, overlooks the slopes of the Santa Cruz mountain range, the Petalumas river and the bay of Sanablo. Geographical features nearby include Portola Valley, Santa Clara County and Marin County in November.

The largest Bay Area Discovery Museum offers a changing series of courses designed to appeal to museum lovers of all ages. The institution has temporary exhibitions devoted to the history of natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as the humanities and humanities. There is an extensive collection of books, films, books and other materials available to the public.

Working with rare native seeds is important for TCC, and they are focusing their plants on the Slow Food Ark of Taste, an endangered species. Many of the programs focus on the landscape - related connections and their connection to food and culture, as well as the environment.

The Camilo Initia is a California historic landmark and is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. Olompali State Park, named after an important Miwok settlement, houses the first Spanish colonial house believed to have been built in Marin County. Novato was originally the site of the San Francisco Bay Fair, the largest agricultural trade fair in the United States. It was the first location in Northern California and is still one of California's most popular events.

The event quickly expanded beyond its idyllic surroundings and moved to its current location in 1971 at the Marin County fairground in Novato, north of the city.

Today, Angel Island is a California state park that offers interesting indoor and outdoor museum landscapes suitable for all ages. The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art is another popular place for art and culture, the Sausalito Art Festival takes place on the Labor Day weekend and examples of high-quality art forms are displayed throughout the month and year. Marin County offers residents and visitors the chance to explore their work in nature - historic facilities with preserved artifacts, local wineries and cheese dairies provide a fun destination for gourmets.

Melissa is teaching a science course this fall and her students will spend a lot of time on the farm. Visitors can watch the grapes being grown and enjoy some of California's best wine tastings. She was the education director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and a member of the board of directors of California National Parks. Melissa has a long history as a teacher in California state parks and in the public school system. In addition to her work on Angel Island, the future California secretary of the interior is consulting with Phyllis to improve the visitor experience at aLiving Historya in California's state parks.

Today, this interesting museum presents rotating exhibitions and exhibits of Miwok (Indian) artifacts and treasures associated with the earliest inhabitants of California. There is a large collection of photographs, artifacts and other artifacts from the early history of California.

The Falkirk Cultural Centre is run by the City of San Rafael and is housed in a beautiful Victorian mansion. Novato is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and offers many of the same amenities as neighboring cities, such as shopping, dining and entertainment. The economy of the hometown also offers many opportunities, and it is not unusual for many Novato residents to commute to San Francisco for work.

If you are hoping to find a job in Novato, you might want to consider starting with the city's largest employer. Downtown (Old Town Novato) has many of the solid restaurants you would expect in the Bay Area.

The attractive mix of rural and urban areas has caught the attention of Bay Area businesses that do not want to pay the high prices of San Francisco or San Jose or even Oakland. Median home prices are reasonable compared to prices in nearby San Diego and San Mateo County.

In 2010, the racial composition of the city was more than twice that of San Francisco, San Jose and San Mateo County. In 2010, it was nearly four times higher than the national average for the same age group and nearly three times lower than San Diego.

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More About Novato