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It is easy to see why he is considered one of the greatest slide guitarists in the world, with his virtuoso playing style and incredible range of sounds.

A few months later he suggested we do a show in Novato and we got a break when John Lee Hooker and his band played in a small club in San Francisco. After acquiring the playing rights and the choice of location, mother and daughter made the decision to produce Jason and Robert Brown's play inNovato. They are revered as one of the most influential guitarists in the history of blues music and have produced the last four albums of Hooker. In July 2010, we had our break when we saw the soundtrack to the film "The Flying Spaghetti Monster" (a film about the life and death of John F. Kennedy), saw harmonica whiskey player David Burgin playing in a smaller club in San Diego and asked him to contribute to the soundtracks.

Ernst watched the show in Southern California and began introducing the music and game to family and friends. We hired their mother to teach them how to perform a play and help us find a place to produce it.

I saw my idol there personally and liked him so much that I became his idol, not chaps, but I like Rogers.

One of the most common songs is a large squeak, a long song of 10 seconds, which humming the other birds. Men and women sing, but unpaired men can even sing all night in spring, and they are some of our strongest singers. Finches sing in a crackling sound, with rumbling squeaks and coarse, ragged rumbling, like the sound of the wings of a hummingbird or the tail of a bird.

The song consists of a long series of phrases, which are usually repeated three times or more often and often end with a blurred, long note, up or down. The song can last 20 seconds or more and starts with the two-part coo, "AAH," which slurps and swells, then a stuttering rant, a lilting warble. And then the song starts all over again.

Choose from Cantonese, Mandarin, Szechuan or Hunan cuisine, and if you don't see your favourite, let us know about the restaurant. Whenever possible, we will be happy to prepare a meal from the menu, but if not, try Marin Melt and enjoy an authentic pizza made with mozzarella and home tomatoes imported from Italy. You can choose grilled honey-whole grain and beef short rib pappardelle or grilled rosemary chicken, which is served grilled with honey - whole grain.

Major geographic features nearby include San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean, as well as some of California's largest cities.

The area around the railway depot became known as the "New Town" and formed the basis for the present-day Old Town of Novato. The city's large shopping street and surrounding countryside, as well as the old railway station, give it a local feel. In the late 1970s, most buildings on the north side of the main street were demolished to make way for a shopping mall, although there is still a derelict railway station. Also in Novatos is the former Hamilton Air Force Base, which was closed in 1974 and declared a historic district in 1998.

There is nothing like the comfort of a solid burger and beer when you sit back and watch a game, and fans keep coming back to the Novato brewhouse tucked away in the Vintage Oaks Mall. Southern flavours and plenty of smoked meat are on the menu, including the classic BLT, which is updated with smoked salmon, chicken and pork ribs, pork belly and chicken wings. The Speakeasy offers great views of the city from the front door, as well as a good selection of beer and wine.

With outdoor dining and spacious seating inside, Toast in Novato's Hamilton Marketplace is the perfect place for large parties and families who crave ample plates of comfort food. Italian - American dishes, including a long list of pasta, and try the house - ravioli, prepared by chef Edgar DeLon. This cosy establishment offers dishes such as Marin's favourite dishes such as pasta and meatballs, as well as a wide selection of beers and wines.

Ernst says she was inspired to write "Last Five Minutes" because of the universal feelings of love and heartbreak evoked in the script and song. There is a song about a lost house and lost arms written by her mother, a singer and songwriter, and her father, an opera singer. Ernst said she played the piano at the age of ten and eventually learned to read music. After practicing, she says, "I jumped on the piano and read songs I had never played, and asked my mother to try to guess which song I was playing.

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More About Novato