Novato California Nightlife

In a glorious period of history, this small Victorian port town called Sausalito had a fantastic and thriving nightlife. The Bay Area music scene was booming, and venues like Trident hosted some of the best live music events in San Francisco and San Jose, as well as a number of local bands.

In 1983, the city and the police had had enough of the debauchery and the club scene came to a standstill. The Drake Club was in Fairfax, Edgewater in Corte Madera, Drake's Club in San Francisco and two of those three names have since had two or three of those names. There were local live bands, endless live music, drinks flowing endlessly, but no driving force behind everything. All the clubs that were heavily represented at the time were located in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood of San Jose, near the intersection of Mission Street and Mission Avenue.

The River City had bands, you could get a dose of reggae at the Sleeping Lady Cafe in Fairfax, and Fairfax Pavilion had the best live music in the Bay Area at the time. It was Lion's Share that got me to Marin for drinking and dancing, because I thought it was the "best of all good."

Ted's in San Anselmo, which was a great place for bands and dancing, had the best live music in the Bay Area at the time, as well as great food and drink.

San Rafael's Joe's had a wonderful player who played in USO shows and was there for 16 years and he liked to follow him, especially the locals. San Rafael had euphoria on the highway, with many rock groups, like Dori Green, performing at 12 a.m. at Blue Rock. I have fond memories of the music and food in this place, as well as the great food and drink.

Marines often say that Novato should be sold to Sonoma County, or at least that's something to say, but it's certainly annoying to me. If you are looking for more of Sonomas County, I would suggest San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Napa, San Jose and Santa Cruz. But if you can't put everything in one place, you can have a look at several of them.

Fortunately for my friends, I made it my mission to move to Marin to tell you where you can eat and drink outside of town for 10 dollars, because in Tiburon everyone is already at Sam's, but in Sausalito if you're looking for a dive bar outside of Sausalito, you'll find it in San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Napa, San Jose or Santa Cruz.

For every new fancy place to drink, there is another one you want to try for a barrel - aged cocktail, go Wicked, a house - home-made lemonade or the Mordor fire. A PBS friend has his beer here - and has been for a few years in the back corner of the bar, right next to the beer garden.

Do yourself a favour and go out on a Wednesday, the bar will not be crowded so you can get your deluxe margs. The bar also has the best braised shoulder of lamb, enough to make an adult man cry. Wah Wah is another place where you can grab a snack with a glass of wine and a pint or two, or even just a beer or cocktail.

The Flatiron Saloon is a relaxed bar that is open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, but when it is, the bar is as friendly as you come. The high quality margaritas always complement the warm afternoon water of Sausalito, and the experienced bartenders can mix drinks with you. It is open irregularly for social events and often for races, so when they take place it is as friendly as I have come to know.

Conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy Novato regularly. This is one of the reasons guests choose to book a room at the hotel, as well as other hotels and restaurants in the area.

The calendar of the Sausalito Cruising Club is full of events on land, including the annual Club Cruise San Geronimo Cruises and the Novato Boat Show. Landlubbers are not worried, the historic golf course and social club offer a variety of activities such as golf, boating, fishing, kayaking and much more. SanGeronimos Golf Course is one of the most popular golf courses in the San Francisco Bay Area and has won several awards for its great golfing experience.

If no music is played, the Rostsaal is used for Sunday morning drinking with sacred music from all over the world. The nightlife in San Rafael is lively, and San Geronimo hosts a variety of events, such as the annual Novato wine festival and the San Francisco Wine and Beer Festival. If you want to offer some of the best wines, beers, food and entertainment in the Bay Area and beyond, you can't go wrong with what we have to say. If you have a taste for the good food, drink, music and culture of San SF, go to San Jose or Santa Cruz or whatever you wanted to offer in San Rafael.

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More About Novato